Laurie Nichols Fitness Training Centre Ltd [LN Fitness] established in 2015 in the London borough of Newham stands as a prominent Training Provider in the health and fitness industry, providing comprehensive courses for individuals aspiring to build a career as a Fitness Professional, Tutor, or Teacher.


All our qualifications hold accreditation from YMCA awards, endorsement from Ofqual, and recognition by the Chartered Institute for Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).


Our steadfast commitment to quality, compliance, and professional development ensures that our students receive unparalleled education, equipping them with the requisite skills and expertise to excel in the competitive fitness industry.


As a testament to our commitment to quality education, Laurie Nichols Fitness Training Centre Ltd is duly registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

LN Fitness remains committed to supporting students in their workplace endeavours by offering transitional support and facilitating opportunities for work placements within the leisure centres.

So far, LN Fitness has successfully secured positions for 65 students in various Fitness Instructor roles within the Newham Leisure Centres. This also encompasses Personal Trainers who utilise the facilities within the Leisure Centres, contributing to the profit generation for the organisation.

LN Fitness has Established Strategic Partnerships:

  • CIMSPA: As the chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity, CIMSPA is a leading governing body in the fitness industry. LN Fitness proudly holds a Training Provider partnership with CIMSPA, facilitating reduced membership fees for learners and providing access to the Employers business directory for potential employment opportunities. LN Fitness is also listed on the Training Provider CIMSPA directory.
  • ACTIVE NEWHAM: This leisure trust, operating in partnership with Newham Council, manages four leisure centres, offering leisure, sports, and volunteering opportunities in Newham. LN Fitness collaborates with three of these leisure centres, providing discounted placements on fitness courses to upskill their employees and support career progression within the workplace.

These partnerships and initiatives underscore LN Fitness's dedication to fostering excellence in fitness education and empowering individuals to thrive in the dynamic fitness industry.

LN Fitness Mentoring program:

  • LN Fitness has introduced a mentoring program designed to equip aspiring tutors with the necessary skills to deliver and assess fitness courses within their specialised areas.
  • This program is intended to complement the Award in Education and Training as well as the Award in Assessing, offering learners the chance to observe and gradually deliver courses under the guidance and mentorship of seasoned tutors.
  • Aligned with the professional standards set forth by The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), this qualification ensures that tutors and assessors are well-prepared to meet industry standards and expectations.

LN Fitness Small Businesses Support:

  • At LN Fitness, we are dedicated to supporting small businesses with innovative fitness course ideas.
  • We understand the importance of ensuring that these courses are not only comprehensive and effective but also recognised and endorsed by relevant authorities.
  • We offer assistance in getting these courses accredited and endorsed by reputable awarding bodies. By doing so, we ensure that the courses meet industry standards, are authenticated, valid, and maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • This accreditation not only adds credibility to the courses but also enhances their value, making them more attractive to prospective participants and stakeholders.
  • Our goal is to empower small businesses to thrive in the fitness industry by providing them with the necessary tools and support to create impactful and industry-leading courses.

LN Fitness proudly endorses a selection of esteemed fitness programs and events, enriching our portfolio with diverse offerings. These include:

  • Fit2Fite: Founded and created by Greg Francis, an internationally renowned karate instructor and acclaimed fitness presenter, Fit2Fite is a non-contact martial art-based aerobics class.
  • FloBox Fitness: Crafted by Floyd Lecointe, a competitive boxer, personal trainer, and fitness instructor, FloBox Boxing offers a dynamic 2-day boxing program.
  • Peaceful Yoga4U: Developed by Andrea Stewart, Peaceful Yoga4U presents a unique yoga timetable tailored to deliver comprehensive yoga courses to students.
  • 3NESS Fitness Events: Founded by Paul Francis, 3NESS specialises in fitness event management, offering Full Board Fitness Weekends, one-day Fitness Workouts, and Fitness Holidays abroad.

LN Fitness offers a diverse portfolio comprising of 21 courses.

Our central office and primary training facility are located at Newham Leisure Centre, 281 Prince Regent Lane, E13 8SD.